otters in ny
otters in ny

otters in ny

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DESCRIPTION: Asian small-clawed otters are one of 13 species of otters in the carnivore family Mustelidae. Other members of this family include weasels, skunks, and ferrets. Otters in this genus are characterized by only partial webbing between their toes, and small, blunt, peg-like claws. Other otters have fully webbed feet and strong, well-developed claws. Asian small-clawed otters have slender, serpentine bodies with dense, luxurious fur.
SIZE: The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest of all otters, measuring 65-94 cm (26-37 in.).
WEIGHT: Approximately 1-5 kg (2.2-11 lb.)
DIET: Feed mainly on crustaceans, mollusks, and frogs; They forage with their sensitive paws, which enable them to locate prey in silt-bottomed riverbeds.
GESTATION: About 2 months
ESTRAL PERIOD: 24 to 30 day estrus cycle with 3 days of estrus
LIFE SPAN: On average, 10-15 years with some individuals living more than 20 years in zoological parks.
RANGE: Southeast Asia from northern India to southeastern China, the Malay Peninsula, and parts of Indonesia
HABITAT: They prefer freshwater and brackish habitats such as rivers, creeks, estuaries, and coastal waters. They may also spend a great deal of time out of the water, traveling considerable distances between waterways.