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Cute and well trained baby Marmoset Monkeys for Adoption. Tame and ready for new home. They are blood screened and would come with all their health papers.

baby marmoset monkey

marmoset monkey are very small monkeys with relatively long tails. Males and females are of similar size with males being slightly larger.

Marmoset for sale near me (Finger monkey), are naturally found in South America. They live in the tropical rain forests of the Atlantic coast and in northeast Brazil. There are a few places in Central American that you can find small population of marmoset monkeys. Baby Marmosets Monkey

Marmosets do have a large home range. They can travel 1/3 to 2/3 of a mile each day in their search of food. Finger monkeys are a species of monkey that completely live in the trees. They will live in an area of trees that provides them with food and hiding places which will be used for refuge when a predator threatens them. Wild marmosets eat a variety of foods. They will forage for flowers, nectar and fruits. Tree saps and tree gums along with bugs, spiders, frogs and snails. Marmoset Monkey For Sale are a social species and will live in groups averaging 8-10 monkeys and can be found in groups up to 15 in numbers. Baby Marmoset Monkey

Baby Marmosets Monkey are a small species of monkey as to how they got their nickname of finger monkey. Their weight is only 300 to 500 grams and the body is only 5.5 to 7.5 inches not including the tail. The tail length is another 7 to 15 inches. There are 22 different types or species of finger monkeys. 6 are in the genus Callithri. Baby Marmosets Monkey

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