Very tame and sweet. Handled every day .very playful eating really well.Ready to go to their forever home.


We have Coatimundi for sale near me at very good price and they are going to make a grate home in your family. Potty trained and loves to play with kids and The white-nosed Nasua narica (Nasuanarica), conjointly called coatimundi/koʊˌɑːtɨˈmʌndi/, may be a species of Nasua narica and a member of the mammal family . on the average most weigh between eight and twenty lbs. Males area unit larger. On average, the whole length is regarding three ½ foot., regarding 1/2 that being the tail length. a correct tail ought to build the sign of an issue mark once coatis area unit active, pixilated and curious. In the USA, the white-nosed Nasua narica (Nasuanarica) is especially found within the southeastern and southwestern corners of Arizona and American state, and in elements of Lone-Star State. Relatives of the raccoon, the dimensions of an enormous housecat, coatis have long tails, long noses and faces cloaked in white and black. They board matriarchal bands of up to forty animals and speak a language of grunts, chitters and churps. Babies build peeping appears like baby birds. Another marvelous issue regarding them is that they nearly no odor or smell in their fur. Coatimundi for sale near me

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